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How to buy a product?

All products listed in this e-shop can be bought. Those in stock, you will be sent immediately. Conversely, those who are not in stock at the time of your order, you will be sent as soon as our suppliers provide us. In the latter case, if the waiting time was longer than usual, you send an e-mail to confirm you still want to buy the product.

Estimated delivery time

After sales service

In this e-shop put in a special care service for it to be optimal, especially for the purpose of supplying the absence of direct engagement with the client. Any questions you have may be addressed to: [email protected]


Looking for other products

All products we sell are on the web. If you are interested in a product that is not in our catalog or have any suggestions for new products you would like to see in our store, you can write to: [email protected]


Transfer payment

Upon receipt of your order, we will send you an e-mail with the total payable and our bank details so you can make the transfer. In this case, the goods will be sent after receiving the faxed proof of payment. Please, to expedite the shipment of your order, be sure to provide this proof by fax: +34 972514015. Before selecting 'transfer' as a payment method, we inform you that your bank may charge you a commission, which may increase the total amount of your purchase.


Credit Card Payment

The charge on your account will be made at the time of shipment. Do not be afraid to give your card: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures the transmission of this information from your computer to our server in a fully encrypted. For more information, remítete our section ‘Transaction security’. We accept payment by credit card, but in certain situations, we reserve the right to request payment by bank transfer.

Payment through PayPal: In this case the Bank does Paypal as an intermediary between the customer and us and is done by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

NOTE: We charges invoices in Euros, so you must use the change in the time of sending the order. As there is an interval of time between when we do the post and when the bank finally materialized this position in the customer's account, it can be affected by the change in currency exchange. This small difference in some cases be advantageous for the client, and other unfavorable and can not be controlled by us. As this difference in recovery is not dependent on us but the banks do not accept any liability in relation to this issue.


Information on pricing

The price of our products is the one indicated at all times on the website, to which must be added the value-added Tax (VAT) of the current general tax rate of 21%, as well as the delivery fees.

The selling process is subject to the current Spanish law, it is therefore understood that the sale transactions will be conducted at the home office of Garcia de Pou, S.A.

Logistic issues

From reception of the goods, you have  36 hours to notify,  by writing, that the product received is defective or has been damaged during the transport ( after
this period will not accept any complaint ).  In the case you receive fewer boxes than the ones indicated on the delivery note ( in the moment of reception),
you shall indicate it on the delivery note of the transport company the missing goods and inform us by telephone or e mail, in order to send them to you.

Billing Arrangements

You choose the direction of the bill

Billing address can be your delivery address, but if you want you can choose a different billing address. Just indicate in the purchase process.

Also, remember to incorporate the NIF or CIF in the billing address.

The following General Conditions and the following Particular Conditions will apply:

  • In printed orders manufactured by GARCIA DE POU, the responsibility derived from the use of the designs presented by the Buyer will be exclusive of this one.
  • As for the quantities manufactured, there is a tolerance margin of 5%.
  • As regards manufacturing defects, there is a tolerance margin of 3%. If the percentage of defective merchandise exceeds this margin, we will open an incidence file.
  • The registration of colors in flexographic printing is not absolutely accurate, and no compromises are accepted that the colors match or match each other.
  • Do not resort to frames to avoid invoicing a new color. Unsatisfactory results
  • Use of our borders: Provided with the number of colors each one carries. If the buyer wishes to use fewer colors, it will be subject to a surcharge: € 200
  • There may be slight variations in tonality, size, weight, ink color, whiteness, etc. The ink colors of the Catalog are approximate.
  • We recommend that you do not excessively reload the printed text for the sake of better print quality. Small objects can not carry large texts.
  • It must be taken into account that the same ink acquires different tonalities depending on the product on which it is printed.
  • There are products that we do not customize and order from Far East / USA, with delivery times of 4-6 months.
  • The delivery times are indicative. If an order is canceled, for this or another reason the preliminary works (clisés - drawings) will be invoiced if they had been made.
  • The Buyer must provide an elaborated design or idea of what is to be recorded, otherwise it will be considered as IMAGE CREATION, the amount of which we ask you to consult in each case.
  • We can not present evidence about finished products. We will submit computer sketches to the Buyer for consideration.
  • Capricious and constant changes of the tests submitted to the Buyer, will be billed separately.
  • We confirm all orders by e-mail. The conformity of an order means the acceptance of all the ends of it: design, prices, discounts, quantities, etc.
  • The conformity to a design also extends to texts, data, etc., even spelling errors if any.
  • The preliminary printing (drawings - cliches) are for use by GARCIA DE POU, and will not be provided for use in other graphic workshops. Even if the Buyer had paid to participate in clichés and drawings.