Fabríca Garcia de Pou


Committed to the hospitality sector 


Garcia de Pou is a specialized firm in manufacturing and commercialization of non-food products for the hospitality sector. Its long career path in the field that starts in the nineteenth century, has allowed it to become the benchmark in the hospitality sector.



 The work of several generations has allowed that currently Garcia de Pou be in charge of about 300 employees and a turnover of 50 million Euros.

 Currently, Garcia de Pou exports 40 % of its production and over 20,000 customers have trusted its products.

 The company, which is characterized by its past and present family, sells all types of items to supply the hospitality industry, presented in a complete annual catalog with over 6,800 references and over 400 pages.


A strategic vision project aiming future

The continuous investment in new technology allows Garcia de Pou increase day by day their competitive advantages. A firm commitment to quality and productivity marks the basic strategy of the company.

In 2014 the company opened a new store in Madrid which supplements the already existing in Barcelona and the Great Canaries.


García de Pou

García de Pou

García de Pou

García de Pou




A project born 1884

In 1884, Luis Garcia, the first leader of the railway station of Figueres who married Francisca de Pou, made a radical change to his life and created a manual paper bags workshop which he called Garcia de Pou.

During the twentieth century the company continued its march into the traditional press. However, with the advent of the tourist boom of the 60s, Luis Garcia, a member of the fourth family generation, decided to consolidate the industrial activities focusing their efforts on the HORECA market (Hotel, restaurant and café).

In 1974 the company moved from Figueres to Vila- Sacra. And in February 2002, Garcia de Pou opens a transformation workshop of 17,000 m2 in Ordis. A logistical situation privileged to cover the markets of Southern Europe. 

Garcia de Pou