• Size: 31x38 CM
  • Color: White
  • Material: Greaseproof parch.
  • Units - box: 4000


This wrapping paper is specially designed to be used as a base in baskets and all kinds of containers, in order to contain fried foods and snacks. It is the best way to present fried foods such as french fries, chicken wings, nuggets, tempuras, croquettes, squid a la romana and many more. Creatively personalize your products with Fitipaldi, Time, Feel Green or Parole designs, either on white or kraft paper. The anti-grease treatment applied to the wrapping paper prevents the transfer of oils and greases, thus avoiding stains and drips. In addition, the wrapping paper can also be used to wrap hamburgers, sandwiches, kebabs, hot dogs, burritos and all kinds of large fast food. Despite being a single-use product, this product reduces waste, since it takes up less space than other types of packaging. Also, being made of paper, it is more sustainable and less harmful than plastic containers. Compostable inks are used that safeguard the environment. Put the food in contact with the unprinted side.

First, browse our website and select the product you want to customize. Once inside the product we have put at your disposal a fast and intuitive process to facilitate customization. This process allows you to send us important information to personalize your product.

1. To begin, you have to define the number of inks that your logo or design requires. Depending on the product, it can be printed in CMYK or in spot colors (up to 4 Pantones).

2. Once the number of inks has been selected, you will have to define the inks you want to use in the drop-down of colors. You have to mark the color to select it.

You will see that we show you the list of recommended colors based on the color of the product you want to customize. These colors are what is best based on our experience in customizations. You will see another section with colors that we do not advise when it comes to personalizing the product.

Also, if you wish, you can select other colors than those proposed. For this, you only need to tell us the different Pantone codes. In total, among the different options, you can only select as many colors as the number of inks indicated in the previous step.

3. After the color selection, you will have to tell us how many faces you want to customize. You can customize 1, 2, 3 or 4 faces depending on the product. The final price depends on the number of inks required by the customization, the number of faces you want to customize and the quantities you need.

4. You will see different quantities to customize, based on our minimums and based on the number of units that contain our formats (boxes or packs). In this section, you can see the number of units, the number of boxes or packs that will contain them, as well as the unit price.

5. In the next step, you must indicate if you want us to make a proposal for assembly or want to upload the design directly. The differences between the two options are:

  • Request a design proposal. This option allows us to send you a free design proposal without commitment. To do this, you must send us your logo in high resolution and indicate in which publication your logo is wanted. This information, in case of selecting this option, you must upload it in step 6 of the process.
  • Upload your design. If you wish, you can download the product template. You will find it on the product page that you want to customize. It is in the section called Download template. In the template, you must capture your design and upload it in step 6.

6. You will receive a design proposal for your approval before proceeding to the production of your customized product. In the case of having requested a design proposal, you will make the payment once you have approved the design through this same website. You will receive an email with a link where you can see the design that we propose. If you accept it, you will directly access the payment gateway so that the order can be processed. If you do not accept it, you may request modifications.

Product configuration

1. Number of inks for your logo/design

2. Choose the colors you want to use

3. Number of faces
4. How many units do you need? (VAT and discounts not included)
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5. Upload your logo
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